On yesterday’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver dedicated the majority of his 30-minute program to America’s flawed education system, specifically the problems with standardized tests.

These tests serve as a source of constant stress for states, districts, schools, teachers, and students. Oliver pointed out that the “official instructions for test administrators specify what to do if a student vomits on his or her test booklet.”

“And something is wrong with our system when we just assume a certain number of kids will vomit,” he said. “Tests are supposed to be assessments of skills, not a rap battle on 8 Mile Road.”

“At this point,” Oliver continued, “you have to ask yourself: If standardized tests are bad for teachers and bad for kids, who exactly are they good for?”

The answer? Companies who design the tests, like Pearson Education, which accounts for 40 percent of the educational testing markets.

“The only test they have no hand in is the HPV test you might take in college,” joked Oliver

Watch the full segment from HBO’s Last Week Tonight.