On yesterday’s Cavuto on Business, host Neil Cavuto and his Fox News cronies repeatedly called 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) a “kook.”

Cavuto and his panel were discussing fellow Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and he asked them what would happen if Clinton were to make a “hard drive to the left.”

(emphasis added)

CAVUTO: Dagen, what do you think of that if she makes a hard drive to the left?

MCDOWELL: I think that Bernie Sanders is going to highlight everything that is wrong in this country still, everything that is wrong with this economy, still, and it’s going to make her move even further left in terms of government handouts. (crosstalk)

PAYNE: But it’s not Sanders. It’s still the ghost of Elizabeth Warren, or the shadow of Elizabeth Warren.

GASPARINO: And Bernie Sanders is kind of a kook. I mean, the issue… 

STEIN: Oh, very much. Very much.

CAVUTO: But then he is a set-up kook…

MCDOWELL: But he’s a kook that the left loves!

CAVUTO: What I’m saying is there will be other kooks to follow. If she looks injured, if she looks bloodied, others will follow.

GASPARINO: Elizabeth Warren is not a kook and she’s formidable.

STEIN: Yeah she is.

GASPARINO: But everything I’ve heard from people that know her pretty well, she’s just going to keep a presence to keep Hillary, to move Hillary to the left and not run. But I will say one thing.


MCDOWELL: Well Bernie Sanders is Jerry Garcia to liberals and they’re listening to his tune.

Because the GOP knows that Sanders’ campaign platform will help the overwhelming majority of Americans — minimum wage, Social Security, healthcare, income/wage inequality, they cannot attack him on the issues. They are going to have to resort to name-calling.

It’s going to be a long election season.

Watch the segment from Cavuto on Business, posted by Crooks and Liars.