Earlier this week, the Washington Post ran a report that claimed police documents show Freddie Gray injured himself by thrashing around in the van in which he was being transported, based on statements made by another person in custody in the van.

That person, Donta Allen, told WBAL-TV’s Jayne Miller, however, that the police document wasn’t accurate.

“They waited 30 to 35 min to get [Gray] some medical attention because they want to cover their ass,” Allen said to Miller. “So now, since they can’t cover their ass on that, they’re trying to use me to cover their ass.”

Miller spoke with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes yesterday about her interview with Allen and the police report, saying that paramedics — when they were finally called — actually thought they were coming to deal with a broken arm.

“There’s a really significant difference because time is of the essence with this kind of injury,” said Miller, comparing Gray’s injury to that of the late-Christopher Reeve.

Watch video of the interviews from MSNBC.