If Hillary Clinton sounds like she’s gone a little more progressive since announcing her candidacy, it’s because she realized the people actually support it. What better candidate to steal from than progressive presidential candidate Bernie Sanders?

Hillary Clinton is a Wall Street-loving New Democrat. However, she recently adopted Sanders’s talking points, which he has been heralding long before Clinton decided to enter the 2016 race, reported Vox.

“Clinton’s move to the left has the effect of crowding out longtime liberal stalwarts who occupy space similar to Sanders’s on the political spectrum,” writes Vox. “Most, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), have passed on running against her, knowing they can hold her feet to the fire from the sidelines and that they stand little chance of defeating her juggernaut.”

Sanders is a true champion of the poor and middle-class. Fighting income inequality, big money in politics, and corporate lawlessness is the cornerstone of his narrative. He doesn’t have the money for extravagant campaigns or a bunch of aides, but he truly cares about the people.

Clinton, on the other hand, is a longtime corporate shill who rubs elbows with the Wall Street elite. The Clinton Foundation has received millions of dollars from supporters, a money network similar to that of conservative-controlled super PACs. Clinton may talk the talk now, but she’s hardly walked the walk.

Vox noted that Sanders’s $174,000 annual salary has been frozen since 2009, he lives in a one-bedroom townhouse without central air, and makes a point to walk to work.

Sanders assured the press that he was running to win the nomination. We hope he gets it. Sanders would put the country back on the path to prosperity and economic fairness.

Even if he doesn’t win, he will be pivotal during the Democratic primaries because he will at least keep the other candidates in check on important issues like climate change, income inequality, and political dark money.

Win or lose, Sen. Sanders is important to the Democratic presidential race. He will give the important issues the proper national attention they need and be able to help America weed out the weak-willed, fake liberals.

Now that Clinton is adopting Sanders’s politics, she will be held accountable for those adoptions.