Now that six Baltimore police officers have been indicted on charges ranging from manslaughter to second-degree murder, pro-cop conservatives are having a meltdown on Twitter, reported RawStory.

Todd Starnes of Fox News started a chain reaction of conservative fervor when he tweeted that “The Maryland state’s attorney has declared war on law enforcement.” This assertion is ludicrous because it proves just how unhinged and hypocritical conservatives really are.

For instance, when forensic evidence absolved Officer Darren Wilson of Michael Brown’s murder, conservatives were quick to herald the findings of the district attorney and medical evidence. When people decried the findings, conservatives essentially told Brown’s supporters to “suck it up, the law has spoken.”

Now that the law is speaking about the Freddie Gray incident, Starnes is calling foul and saying the indictments are unfair. Look at how big of a crybaby Starnes is:

Other people in the lower rung of conservative America followed Starnes’s abysmal lead. Maryland state attorney Marilyn Mosby is now accused of being a racist cop hater who’s leading a witch hunt. The ignorance is damn near nauseating.

Granted, no one knows what the outcome of the state’s investigation into Gray’s homicide will be. One thing is certain; Gray was wrongfully arrested and died at the hands of negligent and reckless police officers. Let’s hope the state delivers prompt and sound justice.