Today, Ring of Fire was one of a number of sites that was affected by a bug with Facebook. The bug prevented Facebook users from sharing links from Ring of Fire along with most other websites for a short period of time. Among the websites affected were the New York Times, Salon, and others.

Did you see this error message?

Facebook Error (JP)

There is nothing wrong with Ring of Fire.

Despite what the error message would have prompted you to believe, you have nothing to worry about when accessing Ring of Fire’s website. Your system is safe with us.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, “An error in our system that helps block bad links on Facebook incorrectly marked some URLs as malicious or inappropriate. As a result, some existing posts were hidden, while other posts were blocked completely. We’ve resolved the issue and the remaining affected URLs are being unblocked. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.”

From what we can tell, the problem with Facebook has been resolved; however, if you continue to experience any issues with sharing our content, please let us know.