Fox News has had a field day with the protests and riots in Baltimore, using the upheaval to spew its racist, pro-cop agenda. Every personality on Fox News has cashed in except for one: Shep Smith.

During the Monday edition of The Five, Smith was actually the voice of reason as he criticized his colleagues for asking “foolish hypothetical” questions regarding Baltimore.

“It seems like in the middle of all this, to start picking on people for civil rights and what they’re saying and what they’re not saying, we could spend our time watching this and reporting it,” said Smith.

Co-hosts Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld then tried to jump ahead and find someone to blame for the violence. Bolling wanted to blame civil rights leaders, and Gutfeld wanted to blame the families. Smith, Bolling, and Gutfeld are all a bunch of out-of-touch old white guys. Either Smith has more sense, or his producers told him to have more sense for ratings.