An effort is underway to remove the secret Koch brother influence from college campuses in the United States. UnKochMyCampus is harnessing the power of informing people about the activities of the Koch brothers to corrupt higher education, and making enemies in the Right-wing doing so.

Co-founder of the group UnKochMyCampus, Kalin Jordan, recently published an article via Truthout in which she dismantles some of the arguments Right-wingers have lobbied against her group.

One of the staunchest arguments against the group is that they shut down debates across the country, instead of encouraging them.

Ms. Jordan answers that allegation:

“Unfortunately… that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our work with UnKochMyCampus has shown us that transparency removes the smoke and mirrors that cloud the debate, leaving ordinary people ill-equipped to develop informed opinions on research and policy around the most important issues of the day. Our policy is being shaped by corporations, for corporations – and that’s a huge problem.”

In her article, Jordan also calls out specific instances of Koch brother influence at American colleges.

“…grant agreements… between universities and the Charles Koch Foundation often give the Kochs influence over the hiring of professors and development of curriculum. In other words, on top of reshaping scientific studies to further their bottom line, the Kochs are also trying to reshape public education to match their libertarian ideology.”

The efforts of UnKochMyCampus are a welcome addition to the debate and serve to illuminate the dark corners that the Koch brothers are all too eager to operate within.

You can read Kalin Jordan’s full article at Truthout here and learn more about UnKochMyCampus here.