The public has been kept in the dark about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Negotiated in secret, the agreement may be one of the most influential trade deals in modern history. It also may be one of the worst deals ever for the American taxpayer.

While the Obama administration claims that it will increase American exports, the secret documents that have been leaked paint a different picture altogether.

Corporations would have the ability to challenge any law they deem unfairly diminishes their profits. This would mean that an American corporation could sue the United States government for an American law.

Say goodbye to your environmental protections, as soon as the oil companies hear about that.

Corporations would also have unfettered discretion to export jobs. This means more jobs would be moved to low-wage countries where employees would compete with American employees for pennies on the dollar.

TPP isn’t good for America.

Watch this video with Robert Reich from that recaps all the reasons why we need to say “NO” to TPP.