I saw another one of those commentaries where the Democratic talking head is explaining how difficult it is for a Democrat to win down in the new Republican south.  Reorganization ideas like the Blue South Project pop up about every year with that new plan to reinvigorate Democrats in the solid red states like Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia – Seriously?

Its not a complicated problem – just be patient, just wait – demographic shifts will be the only thing that reinvigorates Democrats in the South.  Racist, angry, old white men and women have to finally give up the ghost.  Minority voters have to begin taking voting more seriously.  Time will cure the problem – the sound of dueling banjos and rebel yells are not far from being a distant memory.

If you’re like me, you’re pretty tired of listening to Democratic leadership moan and complain about how the Democrats have lost the Deep South.  Yes, it is a fact that moony-eyed evangelicals, NASCAR dads, and moms will rarely understand how badly they have put this country in jeopardy by constantly, predictably, reliably swallowing the Republican bait like blind Croaker fish every time the Republicans throw a new line in the water.  They’ll do it again this year to the tune of about 70%.

But so what! – Progressives absolutely do not need the Deep South to control Congress, the Senate, or the Whitehouse.   Progressives and the Democratic leadership in particular is spending way too much time trying to lure deep south Wal-Mart Republicans away from tractor pulls, Krispy Kreme donuts, reality trash TV, and the unshakable grip of America’s most fraudulent TV evangelist Pat Robertson.

The answer is; Let it go … Get over it.  Elvis has left the building, but that’s, okay.  I don’t believe anyone explains the wisdom of that kind of political strategy better than Chuck Thompson, who wrote a book entitled, Better Off Without ‘Em.  It’s a book of political strategy that most Democratic leadership will probably not have enough sense to read.  But if they did, they would see how Chuck makes a common sense argument that maybe even Democratic leadership can get their mind around.  That is that the South will never love you – hell, they don’t even like each other.

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