Jimbo’s Deli in Flemington, New Jersey went out of business because owner Jim Boggess wanted to cause a scene by celebrating “White History Month,” reported Talking Points Memo.

Last month, Boggess hung a sign in the front window that said “Celebrate Your White Heritage in March, White History Month.” There is no such thing as “White History Month.” It’s a hogwash publicity stunt/terrible political statement about how some conservative  guy thought white people don’t get a fair shake in America.

“No matter what you are — Muslim, Jewish, black, white, gay, straight — you should be proud of what you are. I shouldn’t have to feel bad about being white,” said Boggess.

No, you shouldn’t feel bad about being white. You should feel bad about mocking Black History Month by making up a month for white people. In fact, there’s already another accurate term for white history. It’s called American history and has been taught in schools for decades.

Despite the splendid growth of the minority population in America, this country is still a predominantly white country.

Most politicians, CEOs, and other highly successful people are white. Literally most Americans are white. White people are not oppressed, and they sure as hell aren’t under attack. No one is going to rise up and put all the white people in concentration camps. So, calm down.

As a result of the stunt, Jimbo’s Deli is going out of business. Apparently not everyone thinks there should be a month dedicated to “white history.” As it turns out, it’s not that anyone has anything against white people; they have something against idiotic jerks.

Now that Boggess is going out of business, he has created a GoFundMe account.

“Then the bottom dropped out and customers were no longer coming into my deli, and now I am forced to close down my deli and lose my American dream. I have become heavily in debt and getting shut off notices from everywhere for both business and home,” said Boggess. “I don’t think I deserve this because I wanted to be proud of being white and be able to celebrate my heritage like everyone else does.”

Several groups have already tried celebrating their white heritage. One was called the Ku Klux Klan, which kind of ruined white pride forever.

Now, is it really harsh that Boggess is losing his livelihood over this stunt? Absolutely. It’s painful to see anyone’s life go down the drain. However, this needs to be a reminder that there are other people in this country. If they feel excluded because some knucklehead wants to create a whites only month, they will return that exclusion.