A man from Kent, Washington, presumably white, was arrested for drunkenly throwing rocks at a 6-year-old African-American boy while calling the boy a “monkey,” reported The Kent Reporter.

According to Kent Police officers, they arrived at the 2900 block of South 256th Street. Ten people, mostly African American, gathered outside of the perpetrators home. The incident occurred when a grandmother and three of her grandchildren walked by the man’s home.

“I don’t know what to call you people, gooks or monkeys,” he said.

Later, the grandmother and mother of the children returned to confront the man, and he continued his racist tirade.

The man denied the accusations, saying that he didn’t use any racial slurs against the grandmother, mother, and children. He also said that he was throwing the rock at a dog that was in his yard, instead of the children.

The grandmother and mother said that the man had asked whether they speak English or Spanish. The Kent Reporter further noted the man’s history with the police. They have been called to his house for domestic disturbances.

This incident may be part of a larger issue. According to Addicting Info, racism in America has increased ever since President Obama took office.

Racism is real and rampant. However, Republicans like to ignore it and say that just because blacks can vote, that racism is dead. It’s not.