Pat Robertson, the beacon of old-person logic, responded to a mother who sent a letter complaining about her 11-year-old son’s musical taste.

The helicopter mom’s son “recently started listening to music that speaks of the ‘beast within’ and the ‘infection in people.’” She added, “I worry for his soul. I know the Lord is going to save him; but what can I do to help him become a nice person and the sweet little boy I miss so much?”

The child is growing up and trying out new things. He’s just listening to new music; he’s not out smoking crack. However, Robertson says it’s okay to hit a kid for listening to music.

“It doesn’t hurt to smack a little 11-year-old around a little bit and say, ‘You behave, you’re not going to listen to that garbage in my house. If you do I’m going to tear it up and break those records or CDs or whatever, iPods, however you get that mess.”

Watch Robertson be old and dumb.