During a recent interview on Face the Nation, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus explained what the Republican party is working on and how it expects to win presidential elections.

Host Bob Schieffer asked Priebus about the Republicans undeniable disadvantage in the electoral college, looking at 2016:

I was looking at the electoral map you are talking about, the states that have the most — that have been the most solidly Democratic since 1992, the Democrats start off with a huge advantage, about 242 electoral votes, they only need 270 to win. You start off probably in those states with 102 votes or overall 102 votes. It looks to me like you are startling — you have got a high hill to climb here.

Priebus answered:

There is no doubt we have to be about perfect and the other side can be about good; so the fact is, we do have a higher burden. But if you just look at the 2012 map or the 2008 map, I think you are right. But if you look at some of the things we have done at the RNC. But if you look at some of the things Rand Paul was just talking about in expanding the map int he black community and the Hispanic community…

Cory Gardner all about one Hispanic vote in Colorado, John Kasich got 20 percent of the black vote in Ohio, if Mitt Romney would simply have gotten 10 percent or 12 percent of the black vote, 37 percent of the Hispanic vote, he would be president right now; so, we are working on expanding the map.

But it means not just showing up once every four years, five months before the election. It means talking for two and three years in these communities about things that we have in common, before you go and sell the final product. That’s what we are working hard at, at the RNC. it’s not the most exciting topic as far as mechanics, but this is how you win presidential elections and this is what I am focused on as chairman of the party.

Watch the interview: