Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is looking to undo any progress that the White House has made with its Iran nuclear development deal, reported Truthout.

Several other news sources have reported that as soon as Schumer is locked in to become the Senate minority leader, he will back the Republican’s Corker Bill, designed to give Congress the power to veto any agreements made with other nations. Schumer’s support of a disruptive bill that will likely set America on the warpath with Iran has angered many Democrats.

President Obama has made known his opposition to the bill. Aides of Democrats who support the bill have stated that support of the bill does not mean opposition to the Iran deal.

“It is very possible and, in fact, likely that there are Democrats who are supportive of the Corker bill because they believe in congressional review that would vote to sustain a deal if it’s a good deal at the end of the day,” said a Democratic aide.

If that’s true, then why is every single Republican who signed the letter to Iran weeks ago throwing their support behind the bill? Each of those 47 Republicans have opposed any diplomatic solution with Iran. They support the Corker bill because they know it will give them ability to undermine any diplomatic progress Obama has made with Iran.

Freshman Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) has been the loudest voice opposing a deal with Iran and was the politician who led 46 other Republicans to send a laughable, embarrassing letter to Iran. He believes military action in Iran would only take a few days. If the Corker bill passed, Cotton would certainly be the first to cast his vote in favor of war.

Schumer wants the same thing that the Republicans want: war. He and those pigheaded GOPers have set themselves into pursuing another possible war with another Middle Eastern country.