Disappointingly, yet not surprisingly, a defense fund has sprouted on the internet in support of Officer Michael Slager, the North Charleston cop who was filmed shooting an unarmed Walter Scott, reported Addicting Info.

Ignorant supporters of murderous cops created a Twitter account to raise support for Slager and also attempted to create a GoFundMe account to raise money for his legal defense. However, GoFundMe disabled the account. After GoFundMe shut down the account, supporters created a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo.

MichaelSlagerDefense also created a Facebook page to spread the word of this ridiculous fundraiser. In one tweet, the support group described Slager’s deadly actions as a “misstep.” IndieGoGo issued a statement yesterday saying it will not remove the pro-Slager page. 

As the video of the incident showed, this was no “misstep.” The unarmed Scott ran away from the officer, and Slager drew his pistol and fired eight calculated shots at Scott. Slager was not in the middle of a scuffle, nor was his life threatened. Slager says he “feared for his life,” but the video shows a different situation.

The Huffington Post reported that Slager had a history of similar violence against unarmed African Americans. In 2013, Slager forced himself inside the home Mario Givens and fired his taser gun and the unarmed Givens. Givens had his hands in the air while he was attacked.

A complaint was filed against Slager, but the police department kept him on the force.

Now is the time for justice. There doesn’t need to be any “administrative-leave-with-pay” types of punishments. Slager needs to face trial like any other ordinary citizen would have to; no more police favoritism.