A Georgia county judge and two officers used the word “nigger” when referring to an African American man, and the court clerk is hiding the transcripts, reported RawStory.

According to WAGA News, Allen Duray Green was set to testify at a bond hearing at the Fannin County courthouse and two officers referred to Green as “Nigger Ray.” Judge Roger Bradley joined in on the conversation to talk about how he knew a black man called “Nigger Bob.”

Fannin County Sheriff Dane Kirby says that officers didn’t use the word and that Judge Bradley didn’t use it offensively. “There was nothing inappropriate said in the courtroom that day,” Kirby said. “The context was good; you all are wasting your time.”

Although Green said that “Nigger Ray” was never his street name, Judge Bradley insisted that name was what people in the department called him. Police with the Fannin County police called Green a racist name, and Green never knew about it.

“It hurts. It still hurts right now,” said Green. “It’s a subject that my grandfather, my great-grandfather had to deal with. Not me.”

When WAGA requested the audio and written transcripts, the Fannin County Clerk didn’t provide that information.

Watch the WAGA report below.

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