On Fox & Friends over the weekend, J. Christian Adams, a former DOJ official was brought on to discuss an ordinance in the city of Madison, Wisconsin. The ordinance makes it illegal for a business to discriminate against atheists.

According to Adams, this is part of a more widespread campaign to undermine religious portion of this country. Their efforts are, apparently, responsible for badgering and “hectoring” people of faith.

According to Adams:

These people are so committed to their own version of theology. They have such hatred of Christians and Jews publicly exercising their faith. … Christians and Jews have been putting up with this for thousands of years – people who don’t like that they believe. We’re pretty much used to it by now.

Adams says the effort was spearheaded by the Freedom From Religion Foundation and upsets what he considers to be perfectly legitimate reasons to discriminate against atheists.

“For example, maybe you’re an airline and hiring pilot who you prefer they maybe believe in Hell,” said Adams. “To tell people that you can’t only hire people of faith intrudes on their free exercise of faith.”

He even tried to cite scripture. “In fact, it’s in the New Testament. It says things like avoid them [atheists] and disassociate with them. You might have a job, for example, where you want someone who believes in a higher power.”

Watch the interview.