The documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief premiered last night on HBO and shines a new light onto the massive organization, reported The Huffington Post.

In the film, former members and high-ranking officials from the organization are interviewed in-depth and expose some of the organization’s more dark and secretive aspects. Going Clear was adapted from the book of the same name and written by Lawrence Wright as a profile of former Scientologist Paul Haggis. The film was directed by Alex Gibney.

Going Clear illuminates new allegations against the organization. Founder L. Ron Hubbard was the member of the black magic cult, Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) before writing Dianetics and founding Scientology, according to the film.

The Sea Organization (Sea Org) is the paramilitary arm of Scientology. Yes, Scientology has a paramilitary force complete with naval vessels. The documentary alleged that Scientology members who “made mistakes” were brought aboard these ships and thrown overboard. Not only was this alleged, antiquated pirate punishment used, but the organization supposedly had a prison camp.

According to former Scientology member Sylvia Taylor, she was once sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force, the organization’s prison camp. There, she said people were sent for re-indoctrination and were forced to do hard labor for “30 hours on, 3 hours off.”

The organization allegedly carries blackmail files on some of its members. In the film, Wright noted rumors that John Travolta wanted to leave Scientology, but the organization supposedly put together a “black PR package” containing “damaging material” from Travolta’s auditing sessions.

One of the most disturbing of the film’s allegations concern Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard’s second wife, Sara Northup, wanted Hubbard to seek psychiatric help and threatened to leave him if he refused. Northup wrote that Hubbard kidnapped their daughter and told Northup that he “cut [Alexis] into little pieces.” He would call Northup later and then say Alexis was still alive.

The film exposes dark and sinister things associated with Scientology. Officials with the organization have aggressively taken to the internet to campaign against the film, and the organization has gone to great lengths in attempt to discredit those involved with it.