Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) officially announced that he will run for President of the United States in 2016. Cruz is outlandish, fiery, and would completely ruin America if he were to get elected. Here are several reasons why he would be a terrible president.

1. He’s a staunch climate denier.

While on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Cruz asserted that “satellite data demonstrates for the last 17 years there’s been zero [global] warming.” He says this despite numerous scientific conclusions that say earth’s average temperature has progressively increased at least in the last decade. According to VICE News, “nine of the ten hottest years have occurred in the last decade.”

Cru has been accused of cherry-picking his information to bolster his own agenda.

2. He’s chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Space and Science, and he seeks to defund NASA.

This item complements No. 1 on the list. Cruz doesn’t support climate science and refuses to listen to the information brought forth by those he oversees. Cruz recently said to NASA administrator Charles Bolden that funding NASA’s climate research was inappropriate, Bolden told Cruz otherwise.

“We can’t go anywhere if the Kennedy Space Center goes underwater and we don’t know it – and that’s understanding our environment,” Bolden told Cruz. “It is absolutely critical that we understand Earth’s environment because this is the only place that we have to live.”

3. Cruz is kind of a conspiracy theorist.

ThinkProgress reported that Cruz has some insane theories about the world: some too crazy to comprehend. For example, Cruz thinks businessman George Soros is heading a conspiracy to abolish golf. Cruz said a decades-old United Nations resolution was a plot to “abolish ‘unsustainable’ environments, including golf courses.”

He also perpetuates the classic conservative fear that Islamic Sharia law will infiltrate and take over the United States. This is classic GOP paranoia that would lead us into another costly war.

4. Cruz doesn’t understand technology and the internet.

When the Net Neutrality debate was at its peak, Cruz tweeted that “‘Net Neutrality’ is Obamacare for the internet; the internet should not operate at the speed of government.” He believes the internet should operate at the speed of corporate greed. He implies that the internet is “socialistic” in nature, which it is. He’s wrong by insisting that’s a bad thing. The internet is the one place where a person’s wealth and status ultimately doesn’t matter. Without Net Neutrality, telecom corporations would not only be able to control the internet’s speed, but also it’s content.

Cruz was obviously shilling for the telecom industry.

5. He vehemently denies causing the 2013 government shutdown.

Cruz led the House Republicans on a mission to defund the Affordable Care Act. The Republican said the entire government budget was contingent upon Obama repealing his law. The tactic is likened to what terrorists do with hostages: give us what we want or everybody gets it.

Anytime Cruz was questioned about forcing the shutdown, he always shifted the blame onto Obama and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV). However, Cruz’s attempt to steal health care from millions failed.

6.He’s bigoted against same-sex marriage.

Cruz believes same-sex marriage is a threat to Christianity and America. His press office released a statement saying that same-sex marriage is “tragic and indefensible.” Cruz has called on the Supreme Court to issue a federal ban on same-sex marriage based on his own fundamentalist Christian “values.”

Ted Cruz claims he stands up for America and its people. However, Cruz’s opinions and politics lead to the opposite conclusion. He may think he’s helping America, but “President” Ted Cruz would be a horrible mistake that the country would suffer for years. There is some good news, though; he’s trailing in the polls right now.

Richard Eskow is host and managing editor of The Zero Hour, a weekly radio program produced by We Act Radio. He was the senior writer and editor for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Richard has written for a number of print and online publications, was a founding contributor to the Huffington Post, and is a longtime activist. He is also a Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America’s Future.