Earlier this week, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and criticized his plan to ban “radical Muslim” immigrants, pointing out how absolutely ridiculous it is.

Conservative radio host and all-around crazy person Bryan Fischer aired a segment criticizing Kelly’s remarks to Jindal, which — for Fox News — were surprisingly sane.

He then took a call from a listener who said that Kelly’s refusal to agree with Jindal’s plan was “a product of the judgments and cursings on the land of our inability to connect on things that have to do with our mutual interest and dealing with practical problems in a commonsensical way.”

Fischer, who at least pretended to understand what the caller’s babbling was supposed to mean, agreed and said that the devil is behind these disagreements because he wants to “supernaturally fool” and “deceive” people.

“He can blind the eyes of people to the plain and honest truth,” said Fischer. “People that are blinded to the truth that out to be evident to them – and we look at them and say, ‘why don’t they see it, how can they not see it’ – well, part of the issue is they are being subject to a blindness and they are not even aware that their eyes have been blinded.”

Watch Fischer’s full remarks, posted by RightWingWatch.