After last night’s play-in games, the field of 64 is officially set for the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament

As he has done every year since taking office, diehard basketball fan President Obama filled out a tournament bracket and picked the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats (33-0) to win it all, ESPN reported.

He has No. 1 overall Kentucky beating Arizona, and Villanova beating Duke in the Final Four, with Kentucky coming out over Villanova in the championship game.

Upsets in Obama’s bracket include No. 10 Davidson making it all the way to the Sweet Sixteen, meaning the Wildcats  would have to take down both No. 7 Iowa and No. 2 Gonzaga on its way. He also has No. 12 Buffalo beating fifth-seeded West Virginia and No. 11 Texas beating No. 6 Butler in the Midwest, and No. 12 Wyoming upsetting No. 5 Northern Iowa in the East.

President Obama typically does pretty well with his picks: in 2014, he finished in the 72.9 percentile overall, and in the 87.4 percentile in 2011.

Today’s games start at 12:15 Eastern on CBS, and continue through the championship game on April 6th.

Watch Obama make his picks in this year’s ‘Barack-etology’ segment from ESPN.