Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros apparently thinks that the traditional (Republican) view of marriage and family is under attack because feminism encourages women to have “sex like a man,” Raw Story reported.

On yesterday’s episode of Outnumbered, the show’s regular all-female panel was joined by Dr. Manny Alvarez, a Cuban-American OB-GYN, who said that immigrants were partly to blame for the rise in children born out of wedlock because they don’t respect the concept of marriage.

“A lot of times it’s cultural,” Alvarez said. “There are many people coming to this country where that is a norm, where people meet, they get together, they want to have a baby. And bingo, they come back here and they don’t think about the marriage thing.”

“Women have been encouraged to give it up freely with the rise of feminism, have sex like a man,” said Tantaros. “So, they’re doing this and they’re not making the guy step up to put a ring on it.”

So many things are wrong with this discussion that it’s hard to know which statement was the most egregious, but Tantaros’ assumption that all women want to get married and have children is absolutely absurd.

Watch the video from Outnumbered posted by Raw Story.