Looks like all that swagger is catching up to them. The former Oklahoma University chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) has been trying to distance itself from the racially belligerent words of its members, unfortunately, there’s just too much video to hide it.

In a Vine, the SAE house mother, Beauton Giblow, can be seen giggling while she mockingly rambles off the n-word it rapid succession.


This comes after having said publicly that she was “in shock” at the actions of some of the members of her fraternity. She said the incident caught on video and put on YouTube of members singing a song that contained the phrase “Never be a n*gger SAE” was unusual.

Well, if that Vine is any indicator, it seems that this may not have been so uncommon at SAE after all.

Here’s the original video of the SAE members singing the racist theme.