The University of Texas (UT) chapter of the Phi Gamma Delta (PGD) fraternity, also known as “Fiji,” has been outed for making its pledges follow racist and homophobic guidelines, reported RawStory.

The guidelines were posted inside of the PGD’s house and instruct members against drugs, drinking and driving, and smoking: all reasonable guidelines at first. However, the guidelines also instruct members against “interracial dating,” “Mexicans,” and “fagetry [sic].”

Much like Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), the fraternity responsible for the racist chant video, PGD has a past of racist activities. RawStory noted that last month the fraternity’s president apologized after having a “border patrol” party where guests and members dressed as Mexican stereotypes which were deemed racially insensitive.

The university is conducting an investigation into PGD, and over 1,000 students have called upon UT to punish the fraternity.

Alongside racist and homophobic guidelines, the post included hyper-masculine guidelines like no “crying to Mom” and “being a pussy (quiting) [sic].”