Yesterday, on CNN’s Reliable Sources, ex-Fox News’ host Eric Burns said what we all already know: Fox is a cult, and Bill O’Reilly is a liar.

After going through a list of O’Reilly’s untruthful claims, host Brian Stelter asked Burns if it made sense to him that O’Reilly had been “puffing up his credentials.”

“Not only puffing up his credentials … he’s also been puffing up his ratings,” said Burns. “I think the way to understand this is to make a distinction between the words ‘culture’ and ‘cult.’”

When asked if he was saying Fox News was a cult, Burns replied, “I’m saying that the people who watch Fox News are cultish.” He then explained just how big of a liar O’Reilly is.

“[O’Reilly] has lied so many times … [Keith Olbermann] wrote a book of all the segments in his show, “Worst Person in the World” … Every time [it was O’Reilly], there was a charge made by Olbermann that there was something that O’Reilly had said or done that was a complete fabrication …. and it was completely substantiated. Olbermann had all the evidence possible.”

“No one expects much from Bill O’Reilly as a Fox News host,” Burns continued. “No one expects the truth. He’s been caught in numerous lies and it’s never been a story.”

Watch the full interview from Reliable Sources, posted by Media Matters.