The police department for the city of Miami Gardens has a higher murder rate than Chicago or New York, the police department has been embroiled in a scandal that found the department was unnecessarily harassing the community. Now, the police chief who was hired to replace the former chief, who was fired for the harassment scandal, has been fired following an arrest for soliciting prostitutes.

The former Chief’s name is Stephen Johnson, and he was arrested in Dania Beach this past Friday evening after being busted for soliciting a prostitute who turned out to be an undercover cop.

Following payment of his bond, Johnson issued a statement to the public.

“I want to apologize to the community, and I want to apologize to my elected officials. Tonight was a very unfortunate situation for me dealing with an incident that occurred today. It just overwhelmed me. The stress overwhelmed me, and I made a very bad decision to deal with that moment that I have never experienced before.”

Upon learning of Stephen Johnson’s arrest, Miami Garden’s was quick to fire Johnson. The city issued the following statement:

We remain committed to excellence and integrity on every level. We will not allow Mr. Johnson’s bad judgment to reflect negatively on the hardworking officers of the City of Miami Gardens and the Residents they serve on a daily basis.

Assistant Chief Antonio Brooklin will replace Johnson, until such time as a permanent replacement can be found.