Earlier today, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said that he would like to see Saturday Night Live and other comedians making fun of things like transgender bathrooms, Raw Story reported.

His remarks came in response to a commercial parody from last night’s SNL episode that made fun of the recent “feel-good” Toyota commercials.

In their commercial, SNL showed a girl who was being dropped off at an airport by her father, appearing as though she was going to join the US military. Instead, she was picked up by members of the Islamic State in a Toyota truck.

Calling the parody both “appalling,” and “kind of funny,” Carlson asked if we should be making fun of ISIS at all.

“I’m kind of for comedy that goes as far as it can,” Carlson said. “But I always feel like with shows like SNL and comedy in general, it does stop short of the sacred cows on the left.”

“I would love to see an SNL sketch like making fun of transgender bathrooms, for example. You will never, ever see that. Why? Because it’s just too far. There actually is a line, it’s just a different line than most of us perceive,” Carlson said before telling the panel that he would also like to see them make fun of climate change activists.

Watch the discussion on Fox and Friends posted by Raw Story.