Even though the matter was cleared up years ago, reality TV show host and walking spray tan billboard Donald Trump is still trying to make President Obama’s birth certificate an issue.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference this week, Trump brought up the fact that he still isn’t convinced the president was born in America.

“Hey look, [Obama] wrote a book when he was a young man and it said, ‘born in Kenya, blah blah blah,'” Trump said during his speech. “I don’t know where he was born.”

Except that he does know where Obama was born: Hawaii, in 1961.

Trump then went on to take credit for the White House releasing Obama’s long-form birth certificate in 2011, but still claimed that he wasn’t sure if it was real.

“Now, whether or not that was a real certificate, because a lot of people question it … I certainly question it,” Trump said. “But he didn’t do it for Hillary Clinton, he didn’t do it for John McCain, but he did it for me. So in one sense, I’m proud of it. Now all we need to do is find out whether or not it was real.”

By now, the vast majority of Americans have put this issue to rest, but for some idiotic reason, Trump keeps bringing it up.

Watch his speech from CPAC.