A rally was held yesterday outside the Oklahoma Capitol yesterday by American Muslims who promoting religious tolerance. Unfortunately that rally was interrupted by anti-Islamic protesters carrying signs claiming that America is a Christian nation, RawStory reported.

Inside the statehouse, an American Muslim girl was singing the “Star Spangled Banner” as part of the “Oklahoma Muslim Day at the Capitol,” organized by the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

While she performing the national anthem inside, protesters shouted insults at the Muslims gathered peacefully outside.

“If they had a sword, they’d cut your head off,” one protester said according to RawStory. They also had signs that said “Islam equals Death.”

Luckily, there were no reports of violence during or after the demonstrations.

“The protesters outside are protesting all that America is about – the freedom of expression,” said CAIR Oklahoma board member Tariq Sattar. “It doesn’t matter what religion out are, you should be able to have freedom.”

Unfortunately, many in socially-conservative Oklahoma don’t feel that way about anyone that’s not Christian — a sentiment that is sadly echoed across the country by the extreme Right.

Watch the performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” and footage from the protests posted by Tulsa World.