Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is one of the strongest opponents of the disastrous Tran- Pacific Partnership trade agreement currently making its way through the federal government.

In a speech on the Senate floor last week, Sanders continued to speak out against the TPP.

“I think it’s obvious for anyone who has taken a look at this issue that is the TPP is just a new, easy way for corporations to shut down in America to send jobs abroad,” said Sanders. “The United States, it is estimated, would lose more than 130,000 to Vietnam and Japan alone if the [TPP] goes into effect.”

“The reason for that is when you’re dealing with a country like Vietnam,” Sanders continued, “my understanding there is that the minimum wage is 56 cents an hour — 56 cents an hour. And you know, maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t think American workers should have to compete against people who are working for 56 cents an hour.”

Watch Sen. Sanders’ full speech.