On the Fox News show “Outnumbered,” the hosts were discussing Secretary of State John Kerry’s criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That’s when host Andrea Tantaros unleashed a volley of word-vomit and suggested that the administration was anti-semitic.

“Netanyahu wants to stop Iran from building a bomb,” said Tantaros. “I question [sic] does the White House really want to stop them from building the bomb, or are they enabling them? Do they feel morally relative Obama who believes in American exceptionalism just like Greek exceptionalism just like Iranian exceptionalism? I mean does he feel like they have the right to do this?”

“I’m dead serious about this, is this White House anti-semitic? Are they?”

After Tantaros finished her ridiculous tirade, some of her co-hosts recoiled at the idea. Co-host Kennedy said to Tantaros, “that’s a pretty heavy charge.”

The Media Matters video was provided by Salon.