Bob Wilson, the senator of the “Republic of Texas,” explained why his group wants to secede from the rest of the country. Citing the Treaty of Velasco, signed after the Texas Revolution, Wilson said:

The treaty also said that the land of Texas belonged to the people who lived on the land of Texas forever. And that’s a treaty that is perpetual. It doesn’t go away. So, what is the Republic of Texas now? It is the land of Texas. The land of Texas does not belong to the U.S. It doesn’t belong to the federal government.

The secessionist group was raided by every level of law enforcement this week during one of their meetings at a meeting hall in Bryan, Texas. What’s most odd, however, is that they seemed to be surprised that federal agents raided their meeting, reported Addicting Info.

“We had no idea what was going on,” said John Jarnecke, self-proclaimed “President” of the “Republic of Texas.” Jarnecke continued in saying that they “knew of nothing that would warrant such an action.”

Twenty law enforcement agents from the Bryan PD, Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, Kerr County Sheriff’s Office, Agents of the Texas District Attorney, the Texas Rangers, and the FBI all raided the meeting. The “Republic of Texas” was discussing establishing their own currency and foreign policy.

After the raid, Jarnecke released a statement.

As if dangerous criminals, many of the Texian [sic] people — generally seniors of respected middle-class business, farming, broadcasting, engineering, scientific, health, veterans and faith-based backgrounds — were one-by-one physically searched on their person and in their vehicles, fingerprinted, detained and then had their personal belongings and property searched and seized.

However, the raid wasn’t without reason. Addicting Info reported that “the raid was a response to the group issuing unlawful summonses to a Kerr County judge and bank employee, demanding that they appear in the ‘Republic of Texas’ ‘court’ at the Veterans of Foreign Wars building in Bryan.”

“You can’t just let people go around filing false documents to judges trying to make them appear in front of courts that aren’t even real courts,” said Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer.

Despite the secessionist group getting overly upset about the raid, Sheriff Hierholzer noted that they only served a misdemeanor warrant.

The group claims nonviolence as their means of seceding from the United States of America. However, secessionist groups have a bad reputation of being crazy, ultra-conservative gun nuts who want war against the government.

The RT documentary was provided by Addicting Info.