After being caught lying about his experience as a self-professed war correspondent, Bill O’Reilly has been on the defensive reeling in the aftermath of the accusations. His own brand of puffery and braggadocio has led him to making vague threats at the New York Times and encouraged more journalists to dig into what may be hiding behind his thin cover.

O’Reilly has claimed that he was investigating an individual with supposed ties to the assassination of John F. Kennedy through Lee Harvey Oswald. O’Reilly claims that he was moments from knocking on the door of a man named George de Mohrenschildt when he heard a gun blast from Mohrenschildt committing suicide.

While Mohrenschildt is an interesting figure, more interesting is the testimony of individuals connected to O’Reilly who say that he wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity of Mohrenschildt at the time.