Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is continuing to try and shift the blame off himself in the recent controversy surrounding his so-called “combat zone” coverage of the Falklands War.

Yesterday, O’Reilly told John Stossel that the real reason people were attacking him was that they were jealous of him professionally and were using the allegations as a political tactic.

“We are putting tremendous pressure on the Obama administration to fight the terror savages,” O’Reilly said to Stossel. “And with Hillary Clinton coming up in 2016, [if the network wasn’t around, what would happen?”

He continued,

“The reason is fairly simple: Fox gives voice to conservatives and traditional people much more than most national news agencies do. On a personal note, I’m pretty tired of the garbage. I think I can say, with certainty, that many of my colleagues here at FNC are, as well.”

Watch O’Reilly’s delusional discussion with Stossel via Media Matters.