Jeb Bush’s main angle lately has been trying to convince the American voters that he will be different from his brother, George W., and his father, George H.W. However, a look into his associations shows that Jeb’s foreign policy will likely reflect that of the first two Bush’s.

Following in the footsteps of his brother, Jeb grossly over-inflated the size and proportion of an international threat, reported Juan Cole of TruthDig. This threat now being the Islamic State. While delivering a speech this week in Chicago, Jeb Bush asserted that there were 200,000 members in IS; there are actually about 20,000. Jeb’s people said he “misspoke.” However, “a slip like that can reveal how a person views the world,” said Cole.

While IS is a dangerous, bloodthirsty jihadist group, it’s important to maintain reality and be honest about the nation’s threats.

George W. and his warhawks over-inflated the Iraqi threat against the United States after the 9/11 attacks and involved the country in a war that lasted over a decade. Not to mention, a long war that was expensive. Using post-9/11 hysteria, the American population was duped into supporting this war, which was waged on false pretenses.

Considering Jeb Bush’s foreign policy advisers were a part of W’s foreign advisory group, there is too much danger that we could see another George Bush-style presidency. The country cannot afford another impromptu, large-scale war based on hysteria and political paranoia.

Cole reported that “Jeb Bush . . . praised the ‘surge’ or troop escalation of 2007 when W. put an extra 30,000 soldiers into Iraq.” Jeb Bush is uncomfortably similar to his brother in regards to foreign policy, which is the policy that tarnished George W.’s presidency forever. Granted, Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy were a pretty bad move, but his foreign policy was immensely worse.

Jeb is a former PNAC member, which was the group that pushed the idea of the imperialist occupation of Iraq. They sold that idea under the guise of “spreading democracy.” We can’t afford another Bush in the White House. It would be the very definition of insanity.