South Carolina state Sen. Katrina Shealy said some choice words for fellow South Carolina lawmaker Tom Corbin, reported Raw Story. Her statement was in response to Corbin saying that women are a “lesser cut of meat.”

Shealy is the only woman in the South Carolina state senate. One evening, while at dinner, Corbin ordered a plate of ribs, and when the dish arrived at his table, he said “they remind me of an old joke.” Perhaps alluding to the biblical story that Eve came from Adam’s rib, Corbin proceeded to say that women were a “lesser cut of meat,” Raw Story noted.

“You’ve pushed me far enough,” said Shealy to Corbin. “I’ve worked three times harder than you to get here. I deserve respect, and I’m going to get it.” She then attacked Corbin on Facebook.

“I have proven that women can effectively serve in the Legislature, and one of my colleagues has proven capable of talking like an idiot.”

Shealy noted that Corbin has a history of making sexist comments, which has to be even more frustrating being that they sit next to each other in the state senate.

These white, good ol’ boy politicians need to realize that politics is no longer the boys’ club that it once was. Legislatures are diversifying, and you can’t go around offending colleagues. This isn’t a fraternity.