Comedian John Fugelsang went on CNN’s Reliable Sources to discuss who would replace Jon Stewart as the counterpoint to mainstream, especially conservative, media outlets.

Host Brian Stelter nominated Fugelsang to take over The Daily Show after Stewart leaves.

“The idea that Jon Stewart did only liberal-oriented stuff is wrong,” said journalist Carl Bernstein. “He went after the left. He went after political correctness.”

“It is wrong,” said Fugelsang. “However … that is liberal. Liberal is not defending the Democratic Party. It’s going after all sides and power and questioning all authority.”

“It’s not that there’s a liberal counterweight to Fox,” he continued. “Jon didn’t go for liberals on the show. Liberals already get their news from a variety of sources. he went for the millions of Americans who identify with liberal positions, but choose not to identify themselves as liberal.”

Watch the full segment from Reliable Sources.