Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry took a cheap shot at President Barack Obama by saying American voters are tired of a “young, attractive” president, reported Talking Points Memo.

Instead, he says that the country is ready for a “proven leader” and that people are tired of “eight years of this young, very attractive, amazing orator, junior U.S. senator.” This is rather strange because it seems that Perry is trying to insult and criticize the president with compliments.

TPM noted that Perry cited Obama’s lack of executive experience prior to his presidency and hasn’t learned any “management skills on the job.” Despite Perry’s erroneous claims, it’s safe to assume that anyone can learn a few things about management while being the president. An alleged felon, Perry is trying to keep relevant in this political climate because he is considering a second attempt at the White House in 2016.

Perry dropped out of the 2012 elections somewhat early after getting pummeled in the polls in New Hampshire; he finished sixth.

Perry criticized Obama’s initial lack of foreign policy experience, calling it “feckless.” Perry has only recently began attempting to bulk his foreign policy credentials beginning last year. This attempt of Perry’s is merely to rush a bullet point onto his presidential resume. He’s only been at it for a few months, and he already speaks as if he’s an expert on foreign policy.

And perhaps Obama did do something similar in 2008 to add some more substance to his potential, but Obama was never indicted for felony abuse of power crimes.

Last year, a Texas grand jury indicted Perry of one felony count of abuse of power when he threatened to cut funding to a program if that program’s director didn’t resign. His legal team has been filing appeals, attempting to bury the case into the legal system while Perry readies himself for another presidential run.

If Perry only has personal appearance and foreign policy experience (which the president has lots of now) to attack opponents, then he won’t make it far in any of the state primaries, let alone a national election. Perry would be gone from the elections soon enough.