Jeb Bush, who is really hoping to win the Republican nomination for 2016, published hundreds of thousands of emails that he received during his time as governor of Florida. “Irresponsibility” is the kindest term to use to describe Bush’s attempt at transparency, since the former-governor failed to redact personal information from the contents of the emails. This personal, sensitive content includes social security numbers, and home addresses.

At this time, the emails are available via Bush’s website.

It’s unfortunate that the Republican party actually considers someone as haphazard as Bush a potential candidate for 2016. The publishing of these emails, without any apparent effort to protect the identities and private information contained within, is either reckless or incompetency showing its head.

I’m not sure which is more damning.

Bush’s effort to show that his doors are wide open and anyone is welcome to dig through his past is novel. His reckless, empty-minded disregard for the privacy and well-being of individuals affected by his actions, in the interest to gain political points or back a future talking point, is despicable.


In a statement to Buzzfeed, a spokesperson for Jeb Bush said:

“This is an exact replica of the public records on file with the Florida Department of State and are available at anyone’s request under Chapter 119 sunshine laws. Regarding exempt personal identifying information, the Florida Department of State or the Executive of the Governor can share more background on exemptions under Florida Statute and the state’s process of for [sic] these”


Jeb Bush is reportedly aware of the personal information dump and has stated that it will be removed. Zeke Miller is a reporter with Time who was in a Q&A session with Jeb Bush.