Famed NBC news anchor Brian Williams has been outed as being something of a liar after Iraq War vets said Williams’ account of being in an RPG attack was false. Another one of Williams’  famed stories is under scrutiny, reported The Huffington Post.

Williams has long touted a story about how he got mugged while selling Christmas trees for a church in Red Bank, New Jersey in the 70s. He told the story to Esquire Magazine in 2005 and once more to New Jersey Monthly in 2008. Despite Williams’ reiteration of the story, Red Bank residents insist the story is untrue.

“I find it hard to believe anyone was held up in this area in the ‘70s. It was very safe,” said resident Danny Murphy.

Another Red Bank resident said “I doubt he was robbed at gunpoint. I was born in Red Bank, there were no crimes like that. Tell Brian Williams to stop lying.”

Contradicting accounts of Williams’ stories have become a runaway train in the last week. The HuffPo noted that he gave different accounts during his coverage of the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah War. One version was that he was almost hit by rockets while in a helicopter, another written account describes no such event.

And there’s also his questionable account in New Orleans while covering the Hurricane Katrina aftermath in 2005, for which he won a Peabody Award. NBC is now investigating that coverage. Until then, Williams is taking a short leave of absence from the NBC nightly news.