Despite her numerous, numerous assertions that she is not running for president next year, Run Warren Run, a group of her supporters, is still trying to raise money for Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) not-yet-existent campaign.

At a meeting of those supporters on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the New Republic (NR), the topics of conversation not only covered whether or not Warren could be convinced to throw her hat in the ring, but also her assumed competition for the nomination, Hillary Clinton.

Regarding Warren’s continuous claims that she isn’t running, one member in attendance who asked that NR only refer to him by his first name, Carl, said “I’ve heard questions before, like, ‘I heard that she’s not running,’ but they all say they’re not going to run before they run.”

Carl opened the meeting of supporters by calling “for more than ‘a coronation’ in the Democratic primary.”

Those at the meeting also described Clinton as “Republican lite,” “in the pocket of big business,” and “completely unacceptable.”

Another attendee, Zephyr Williams, said, “I can imagine it’s difficult to avoid selling out when you’ve been in politics for as along as Hillary has.”

Nearly all the polls show former Secretary of State Clinton as the presumptive front runner, but a Democracy for America poll from November put Warren ahead by 19 points.

When asked if those at the meeting were asked if they would vote for Clinton if Warren sticks to her word and doesn’t enter the race, “Tom Hunter, a 59-year-old on long-term disability, chuckled … ‘Yeah, of course I would vote for Hillary.”

Hopefully Warren recognizes the growing support she’s cultivating across the country and decides to run. America needs her.