In a cheap hatchet job against the working poor, Tucker Carlson hosted a segment about Americans on food stamps. The short version of Carlson’s message is this: poor kids are able to eat because more are on food stamps and that’s bad.

Fox News cronie Star Parker piggybacked on Carlson’s anti-poor tirade by criticizing the fact that SNAP benefits come in the form of EBT cards, rather than traditional food stamps. Parker also criticized fellow guest Richard Fowler for insisting that raising the minimum wage would help offset the American cost of living.

Parker scoffed at Fowler’s assertion and asked if he was “crazy.” The segment then turned into all three blabbering at the same time, creating one giant, unintelligible mashing of words and moving lips. The only sound of which making any sense was Fowlers. Otherwise, it was all just a terrible showing of mainstream network news.

Most hilariously, however, was Parker’s bright idea that the solution to everyone’s economic woes is marriage. Carlson and Parker were both pushing the idea that President Obama should be doing more to encourage marriage. One problem: not everyone wants, or can afford to get married.

There’s a paradox in conservative thinking. They scream out for smaller government, yet they always support policy that would allow government to have some say-so in our personal lives, like gay marriage bans, anti-abortion laws, and pro-marriage campaigns. They really want “bigger government” too, but only in a way that supports their agenda.