Conservatives usually drive the bigoted and close-minded social beliefs of homophobia and Islamophobia, but as soon as someone opens up and criticizes Christianity, they recoil and automatically start playing the victim. It’s pathetic.

During a Fox News segment called The Fight For Faith, Tucker Carlson, with the help of other Fox News lackies like religious contributor Father Jonathan Morris, discussed the emerging movement of “Christianphobia.” The instance of Americans having disdain for religion is nothing new, they just came up with a fancy buzzword for it.

They noted that most people who exhibit Christianphobia are usually part of America’s “academic elite.” Again, the conservatives think education is a bad thing.

Morris said one of the reasons that people show disdain for Christianity in America is because they don’t think it’s “cool” to believe in Christ. Sorry, but being “cool” is the last thing that doctorate-holding professors think about.

I really believe there is a Christianphobia in some elite sectors of our society. Let me say three: one is in the news media to some extent, two, in Hollywood, and number three, and this is the most important and dangerous one, in academia. This study shows, it was a very serious study, that shows that among some of the most educated, there is this, you know it’s not phobia, I don’t think, they call it Christianphobia, I think it’s more, it’s disdain, an almost embarrassment. . .

it’s not cool to believe in Christianity, it’s nice to say I like Jesus’ teachings on love…but, do I actually believe in salvation-redemption?…in this world of social media, and in the anonymity of a study like this, it’s easy to go over the line and say something that you would never say to someone’s face.

That’s it, Father Morris. You’ve cracked the mystery of Americans’ disconnect with Christianity. It’s not the lies of the Church, the corruption of modern-day Christianity, or even fundamentalists’ hokey interpretation of the Bible. We have disdain because it’s “not cool.”

Once again, the conservatives at Fox News are out-of-touch.