After Imam Moujahed Bakhach offered a prayer of peace and protection at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo in Fort Worth, Texas, many so-called Christians took to Facebook to express their hate against Bakhach, reported Addicting Info.

Texas has made itself the poster child of white, gun-toting Christian values and is intolerant of anything outside of that status quo. Facebook commenters further asserted Texas as the country’s backwoods state.

I can tell you this, my stance on allowing Islam into our world of rodeo would be different if Muslims and Islamists would have an extremely large movement or crusade against their religion’s radicals and STOP trying to force their laws in our country! Until then they are the enemy and should be treated as such. -Scott McCune

We are a nation at war with terrorists who have all come from the Muslim/Islamic “faith!” How dare you invite them to state anything – prayer – statement – anything at the Stock Show! Have some common sense folks, please!!! -Leisa Gettys Waylett

Muslim/Islam has no place in this country let alone FWSSR. Not one Muslim has come out against the radical actions that is the Muslim belief. PERIOD. COWBOYS DONT [sic] WANT IT! -Joe Leonard

As one can imagine, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of comments that reflected the same bigoted sentiment. As the FWSSR noted, Bakhach’s statements weren’t a religious prayer or proclamation to God, but rather a blessing for the spectators, participants, and animals.

However, some major figures in the local area took up for Imam Bakhach. Bob Tallman, who has a local evangelical voice in Fort Worth, said Bakhach “did a wonderful job.” The FWSSR’s president, Brad Barnes, said Bakhach was “very appropriate.” At least we know not everyone in Texas is an ignorant good ol’ boy.

Bakhach was bothered by the reaction on Facebook, naturally. And he announced that he will cancel next week’s appearance so as not to cause the organizers of the FWSSR any trouble. That doesn’t sound like the decision of a terrorist wanting to enact Sharia law in America. It sounds like a peaceful, considerate man who doesn’t want to cause a problem, even though the problem isn’t him. It’s the bigoted Texas conservatives.