It’s disturbing that President Obama still entertains these violent and tyrannical Arab leaders that don’t let women drive, cut the hands off of thieves, and hosts public beheadings. Yet, American still keeps cozy with Saudi Arabia because of oil.

“Sometimes we need to balance our need to speak to them about human rights issues with immediate concerns we have in terms of counter-terrorism or dealing with regional stability,” said Obama. As TruthDig put it, “Right. We have to worry about the Islamic State. Those are the bad beheaders.”

It was also reported that Obama traveled to Riyadh with Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, CIA Director John Brennan, John McCain, U.S. Central Command Chief Gen. Lloyd Austin, and Condoleeza Rice, surprisingly.

Theses American ambassadors traveled to Saudi Arabia to meet with new Saudi King Salman, who assumed power after last week’s death of King Abdullah. However, the trip didn’t happen without some sort of controversy, namely when First Lady Michelle Obama showed up not wearing the traditional black, head-to-toe outfit that women are forced to wear in Saudi Arabia.

Saudis appalled at the move took to Twitter to complain about the trivial incident.

Why are we even still in this love affair with these aggressive dictators that still allow brutal public executions? Oh, right. Oil.