President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama recently traveled to Saudi Arabia on a diplomatic mission with Saudi leaders, reported Crooks and Liars. However, Saudis were upset because Michelle Obama, who’s an American non-Muslim, didn’t wear the black, head-to-toe garb that Saudi women are forced to wear.

These angry Saudis took to Twitter to air their ridiculous grievances about how a woman, who’s a non-citizen, didn’t conform to their oppressive dress code.

When Michelle Obama joined US President Barack Obama on his visit to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, many Saudis on Twitter focused on the fact that she was not wearing a headscarf rather than the outcome of the diplomatic visit.

The couple were visiting to offer condolences after the death of the late King Abdullah, and strengthen US ties with his successor, King Salman. Members of the US delegation crossed party lines and included former Bush-era officials, according to AFP.

On Twitter, Saudis launched the hashtag #Michelle_Obama_NotVeiled in criticism of the first lady for not covering her hair.

In contrast to Saudi women, who are required to dress head-to-toe in black, Michelle Obama wore dark slacks and a blue top with her hair uncovered, reported AFP.

This isn’t even a social faux pas because of cultural differences. It’s little more than a hissy fit thrown by conservative Saudis who think everyone should bend to their regressive customs.