In a public relations stunt, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) snapped and distributed a picture of an IDF soldier giving water to a disabled, elderly Palestinian women last summer. However, after the makeshift photo op, the soldier executed the woman by shooting her in the head, leaving her to bleed out, reported Addicting Info.

Early this month, Israeli army spokesman Avichay Adraee posted this tweet:

Here’s a photo of the woman after IDF soldiers took her life:

However, Twitter users exposed the PR photo for the sham that it is by noting how the woman was shot dead after the photo was taken. The woman, whose name is Ghalia Abu-Rida, was blind and unable to walk, noted one user.

War is ugly on both sides, with Israelis murdering Palestinians and Palestinians murdering Israelis. No one’s hands are clean. The real sufferers of the fighting are the innocent civilians caught in between the power struggles of two religions.