Remember when Ted Nugent called President Obama a sub-human mongrel? The Nuge was recently interviewed by and said that the term was actually nice compared to what he really had to say, reported Crooks and Liars. We get it, Ted. You’re tough and say what’s on your mind. We’re all so impressed (not really).

Speaking to, Nugent described his “subhuman mongrel” comment as “precious” and “probably much too delicate.” In remarks that echoed the NRA’s anti-federal law enforcement commentary of the 1990s, Nugent also said his “subhuman mongrel” phrase was inspired by “jackbooted thuggery” committed by “out of control government agents.”

That’s not all. Nugent continues the narrative that everyone is always picking the poor little conservatives, and we need to watch out for those meanies Obama, Clinton, and Pelosi.

I think if a person creates an environment where sheeple can be led to gas chambers, I don’t think the term subhuman mongrel is too outrageous. I don’t know if there is any English term, or any term available to mankind to adequately describe the depth of evil to a human who would deny good from winning over evil and with the insanity of our government, the insanity and the abuse of power, the runaway corruption deceit and dishonesty coming out of Barack Obama and Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and the left, they really believe that they can take our tax dollars and hire machine gun-toting security guards while dictating unarmed helplessness to their employers. Can you think of a word that could be offensive enough to describe someone who takes your money to hire security people while passing laws denying you the right to be secure? So subhuman mongrel was probably much too delicate.