Clint Eastwood’s newest movie opened with a record-breaking weekend at the box office. However, the criticisms have been a little more lackluster, but political pinhead and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was quick to defend the overhyped myth of American Sniper.

It all started with a wisecrack from comedy actor Seth Rogen and a criticism from ultra-liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. After seeing the movie, Rogen tweeted that “American Sniper kind of reminds me of the movie that’s showing in the third act of Inglourious Basterds.”

Of course, all the crazy, pro-Iraq War neocons flew off the handle telling Rogen to leave the country, and Kid Rock said he hopes they “catch a fist to the face.” Quite the overreaction considering conservatives always accuse liberals of being the whiny crybabies. Enter Sarah Palin, who posted a flowery commendation of the film, Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood, and all of the American snipers.

God bless our troops, especially our snipers.

Hollywood leftists: while caressing shiny plastic trophies you exchange among one another while spitting on the graves of freedom fighters who allow you to do what you do, just realize the rest of America knows you’re not fit to shine Chris Kyle’s combat boots.

May the epic “American Sniper” bring nothing but blessings to Taya and the children of this true American hero.

Thank you Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood for respecting the United States Military.

– Sarah Palin

Upon the film’s major, nationwide release last weekend there was a heap of controversy that followed. Many pointed out the drastic differences between the characteristics of the Chris Kyle who penned the book American Sniper and the character that Cooper portrayed in the film.

Many noted that Chris Kyle the author and real person was one who was more than someone who took pride in his work. Kyle almost takes personal enjoyment in claiming lives, not because he believed it was his duty, but because he got to kill people. The real Chris Kyle has no qualms about his work. However, the film version portrayed him quite differently.

In the film, Chris Kyle had to kill a mother and child who were approaching a detachment of troops with an explosive. That Kyle was portrayed as a man who was at odds with what he was doing, a conflicted soldier who recoiled at the fact that he was about to kill a mother and child. The Chris Kyle of the book was someone entirely different.

The film version celebrates the life of an assumed American hero, and while there are some anti-war aspects (some focus on soldier PTSD), it remains mostly a tribute and inaccurate portrayal of an American soldier and a little pro-war. The film closes with footage from Kyle’s actual funeral, concluding with a service at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas (how America is that?).

It’s curious whether or not the likes of Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and country singer Craig Morgan even read the book and saw the movie. Their words sound like a knee-jerk reaction to “some liberals” who they think don’t know what it is to be American. Patriotism gets a bad name because of these overly-aggressive conservatives.